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I've been a "sneaker-head" since day one (well...since 2012); regardless, my shoe game is tight like I've been collecting since '88 (not quite, but the statement fits).  I'm fed up with being gouged and having limited sale-ability on certain online sites (I'm no snitch, so I won't say any names).   


Well, whatever you may call them (joints, kicks, sneakers, sneaks), mine range from a few Air Max's, to Jordan's, Lebron's, KD's, Kobe's, Kyrie's, and other fancy names.


And, the majority of my shoes (like 99%) are from the typical major market shoe stores located at the mall (no need to mention their store names). The other % are from boutique stores throughout the United States and countries like Berlin (you know the business when searching for a certain shoe, find stuff all over).  


All in all, it's been fun and is fun, but it's time to part ways with the hundreds of shoes occupying the closet spaces in my home (and honestly, my housemates are getting fed up with J's taking-up their closet space too, haha, geez!).   


​So, as you may now tell, I'm simply a "sneaker-head" who gets up and go to work everyday (like you); a "sneaker-head" who cops a release or two here and there, when possible; and sometimes I've gotten lucky on those rare releases. 

In conclusion (I always wanted to say that), no marketing team to talk about here, no store hours, per-say (the site will be up while I'm sleep), and no store front filled with shoppers (ZBK is truly a mom & pop situation, our asses are filling orders from home).  Orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours to the address listed on PayPal.  

Okay, closing for real now, I have brand-new and pre-owned shoes for sale.  All of which are bona-fide, genuine, verifiable...whatever term you use to say--100% authentic, it's that. I've done it too, use Google to check "legit" status on shoe sites; you have no worries here, you can buy in confidence and I'll pack and ship those shoes, tucked in my closet all the same, in confidence.

ZBK staff--(I always wanted to say that)

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